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You may wonder to know what the meaning of Marian shrine grotto? Marian shrine grotto was Catholic's unique place for pilgrimage, usually the site was build formed like the cave but there is also in real natural cave. In Indonesia this site was widely known as St.Mary's grotto ("gua Maria" in Indonesian language - bahasa) because of being placed the statue of blessed Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. The site afterwards became the pilgrimage location of Catholics to bring them closer to Lord in a praying manner through the mediation of Mary and of course Jesus Christ. In the Catholic religious tradition, the existence of Marian shrine grotto had the long history.

gua Maria LourdesBlessed Virgin Mary made apparitions several times to certain people. One of the most famous apparitions was the apparitions of Mary to Bernadette Soubirous in cave on the city of Lourdes, France during 1858. The place afterwards became the most popular Marian shrine pilgrimage in the world. This place then became the inspiration to make similar pilgrimage site for local Catholic community. From there, emerged the pilgrimage place of Marian shrine grotto in another place in the world including in Indonesia.

gua Maria TritisOn Indonesia, in Mary's grotto you not only found statue of Virgin Mary, also usually along the road heads to Mary's grotto was gotten by the cessation for the station of the cross procession, and in several locations of Mary's grotto also had the small church or chapel. On Indonesia the oldest and most famous Mary's grotto was the Marian shrine Sendangsono in Central Java that age more than one hundred years. Whereas the most exotic site perhaps the Mary's grotto Tritis in Wonosari, located south Yogyakarta, which is build on real beautiful natural cave. Despite the location of Mary's grotto was surrounded by beautiful landscape and scenery, especially in site that far from the big city, Mary's grotto was not the place for recreation or resort area, but the holy pilgrimage place, this often forgotten by the person who visited which make their pilgrimage meaning became unclear.

This website tries to bring many information that concern with Marian Shrine grotto, completed with the pilgrimage stories, the location or area and relevant information because most Catholics did not have enough information about Marian shrine grotto which on many places was full of religious values and maybe there you could feel the greatness work of the Lord through beauty of Indonesian nature and landscape.

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